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The two main reasons for installing a solar system are economic and environmental.

The price of Solar panels has fallen almost 80% in the last decade. This has made them more affordable and customers can earn back their money much faster. You can expect to start earning on your system anywhere from 5-10 years (Depending on system size and cost) 

Key Economic Points:

1. Reduction in your electrical bill from day one. A typical system will offset your electrical bill by 30-40% (this can be more or less depending on the system size and your  homes electrical usage)

2. Sell electricity back to the grid (Smart Export Guarantee) Octopus Energy currently pays 5.5p per Kwh exported. 

3. Store electricity (with battery) for a cloudy day so you can use the energy stored when you need it. 

Environmental benefits:

1. Reduction in carbon footprint- Solar electricity is a green, renewable and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants. A typical home PV system could around 1200kg of carbon dioxide per year. That's around 30 tonnes over it's lifetime!

2. Wildlife protection: Other forms of energy production such as coal mines use huge water to remove impurities from the coal. This water is then usually placed back in the ecosystem and destroyes wildlife. Solar PV uses no such processes. 

3. No waste material: There is no solid waste or exhaust from a PV system. 

So ask yourself, is it worth it?


The cost of Battery Storage has dropped significantly in recent years and most PV systems will benefit from having them installed as they can be used at night to offset the cost of importing electricity from the grid at night. Depending on the PV system and battery size, adding battery storage to your system can offset your electrical bill by 10-20%. 

The key reason to add battery storage are:

1. To store electricity to be used/exported later in the day

2. To limit the amount of electricity exported back to the grid

3. To provide a back-up system for times of grid failures. 

Yes! Solar Panels will continue to generate electricity even if the sun decides to hide for a bit. Although they wont produce as much electricity if they sun is shining bright. 

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. However, if cost is an issue our team will be glad to work with you and offer a package that suits your budget. 

In the unlikely event that a solar panel is destroyed. The system will stop producing electricity. If this happens, please let us know and we will be happy to address the issue with you and discuss options to fix it.