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bolt   Harness the sun
battery_charging_full   Add storage

High Performance Solar Panels

wb_sunny   25 Year Performance Guarantee
eco   Ethically Produced
done   Panels to suit your budget
attach_money   Export surplus energy and earn money
With the Smart Export Guarantee you can choose to export surplus energy from your solar panels and earn money

How we work with you

phone_in_talk   Contact us
travel_explore   Free site survey
assignment   Design & quote
build   Complete install

Complete System Bundles

10 Panels  

3.6kW System  

check_circle   10x 360W Solar Panels
check_circle   GivEnergy 3.6kW Inverter
check_circle   GivEnergy WiFi Dongle
check_circle   MCS Certificate
check_circle   Full Install

From £8000

10 Panels & Battery

3.6kW System  

check_circle   10x 400W Solar Panels
check_circle   GivEnergy 3.6kW Inverter
check_circle   GivEnergy 5.2kWh Battery
check_circle   MCS Certificate
check_circle   GivEnergy WIFI Dongle
check_circle   Full Install

From £9,500

Make the most of your PV system with Batteries

The new way forward is being clever with your energy. 

battery_charging_full   Store excess energy
bolt   Backup power
tungsten   Reduce electrical bills
shield   12 Year Warranty on Givenergy Inverter and Batteries
published_with_changes   Cells are fully recyclable
battery_charging_full   Compatible Size Options
shield   We are GivEnergy Certified

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Together we can fight climate change