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As a general rule of thumb, PV arrays are normally fault free and require very low maintenance. However, periodic maintenance checks should be carried out by either the system operator or the installer of the system to ensure that it continues to work efficiently and to avoid potential faults. 

Solar Panel servicing Includes: BUY NOW

  • Performance Analysis: To ensure your System is Meeting Solar Generation Estimates, and Manufacturing Guidelines.
  • Hardware Servicing: An examination of your Solar Panels, Cabling, Batteries and Inverter, for any damage. We will also check to see if the module wiring is secure, and that the racking system doesn't have any defects.
  • Bird Nesting: Checking to see if any Birds are Nesting underneath your Solar Panels.
  • A Full Report Of The Inspection, Including Photos Where Necessary.
  • Confirming That Proper Signage Is in Place, and Replacing any Necessary.

Solar Panel Cleaning Includes:

  • Full PV array cleaning: Using proper solar panel tools we will do a thorough panel module cleaning to remove debris and other system affecting issues such a bird droppings. 
  • Record of system condition: Check the solar panels for cracks, gashes or worn spots from degradation or damage from wildlife.
  • System Structure: Ensure the nuts and bolts of system are tightened and secured as required
  • Check for water leakage issues